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About us

Founded in 2004 by a team of mechanical engineers, B2FTLtd. is a dynamic and multi-faceted reality with strong experience in problem solving.

The objective is to offer integrated solutions integrated in mechanical engineering for the AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR, PLANT ENGINEERING & COMPONENTS sector, being supported by careful economic policy.

Since 2012, thanks to the gained experience, B2FT Ltd. is associated with mechanical engineering, as well as the production of machines and plants.

Continued investment in research and development and the wisdom of learning from experience have enabled to realize simple machines with advanced technology and performance.

For B2FT Ltd. the quality of the products has always been a cornerstone of own strategy and this commitment is promoted at all levels of the organization.

The constant search for quality provides involvement, training and professional development of the staff.

To this end, the following objectives have been set:

  • To follow the suppliers to ensure the highest quality and to keep the delivery time that meets customer requirements;
  • To hire highly qualified personnel for machine assembly;
  • To use high-level components to ensure machines with high reliability and durability.

The reasons of success are never accidental, but they are the result of constant investments, technological evolution and business strategies.

The constant search for more and more qualified suppliers and the choice of high quality mechanical, electrical, electronic, and hydraulic components has enabled to develop high performance machines with a long operational life and production capacity much higher than our competitors’.

The value of our appreciated after-sales service is assured by highly qualified personnel and a large spare part warehouse.

The importance of our business are our CUSTOMERS: creating the right balance between the range of products and the quality of our services has always been our primary goal.

· Producing briquettes from waste offers significant benefits in logistics and transportation.

It is understandable that compacting the chip to reduce its volume leads to a reduction in cost of handling and storing the material.

For this purpose B2FT Ltd. is able to supply machines for the production of cubic briquettes, easy to palletize or to transport on conveyor belts.

In the melting phase, the metal briquette increases significantly its yield, having the characteristics of better quality: contrast to simple chip or processing dust, it is not subject to losses and reductions, and it is also more dry as the emulsified oils are almost completely separated during the compression phases.

In this way, briquettes can be loaded directly into the melting furnace, ensuring increased yield in comparison to wet chips or processing dust.

The separation of emulsified oils allows to recover them, reducing considerably the cost of purchasing lubricants for processing operations.

B2FT Ltd. supplies complete systems on request, starting from shredding the coil of metal to feeding the briquetting machine with specific loading and unloading belts.